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Who  We  Are

The car clubs of the Long Island Car Club Council range from brand or even model specific car or truck fans to more family-oriented clubs that share the enjoyment of a wide variety of classic, performance, or special-interest vehicles. 


If you have an interest in cars, light trucks or vans, you can almost certainly find a club that’s right for you and/or your entire family!


Most of the clubs have monthly meetings and also hold some annual events such as car shows, swap meets, car cruises, summer barbeques & holiday parties. 


Clubs are located throughout Long Island, in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens & Brooklyn


You can find people that have a car just like yours and get help with locating parts or finding out more information about your car. You can participate in automotive events with other hobbyists, meet people that can help you find a particular car you are looking for or help you sell your current car & get another.


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Friends and Family mean a great deal to our members. Learn more here.

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