History of the LI Car Club Council

The Long Island Car Club Council was formed around 1990.  It was formed initially for the purpose of avoiding conflicts of club-sponsored shows on the same dates in the same area. As the hobby has grown here on Long Island, the Council has also created more communication between the dozens of car clubs on Long Island and created the opportunity for them to support each other’s events and even work together on some events. The majority of car club sponsored events are geared towards raising funds for one or more charities.


​In addition to working out scheduling conflicts of club sponsored events, the council strives to promote the classic car hobby and prevent it from fading away. We want the “younger” generation to enjoy the classic cars of days gone by like we have been doing for many years now. If the younger enthusiasts do not preserve and promote the cars & trucks from the 1970’s & older, then who will when we are gone?

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