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Family is very important of the members of the Long Island Car Club Council

The phrase “Take a kid to a car show” was coined quite a few years ago and carries a lot of weight. Get the kids out of the house, away from the TV, video games, and social media. Expose them to the same cars we enjoyed when we were young and still enjoy today. Many strong friendships have been formed from coming together to enjoy the common interest of classic cars. The hands on knowledge & experience gained from maintaining & repairing an old car is something that anyone can benefit from for the rest of their life.

The Long Island Car Club Council promotes the practice of car club members supporting car club sponsored events that primarily use the funds raised to support either the club itself or a specific charity.


Events that are put on by commercial organizations or “Charities” with questionable fundraising practices, do not support the local clubs or the hobby in general and often just use the hobby to raise money for their own purposes. The council asks the promoters of these events to hold them on Saturdays in order to avoid conflicts with car club sponsored events that are generally held on Sundays.

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